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Do you or your organization have a great idea for a project or activity to enrich life in Granby? Citizens for a Better Granby (CBG), publisher of the Granby Drummer, awards grants to support activities that provide the community with enrichment and educational opportunities not funded through the town budget or other funding sources.
Grants of $150 to $1,000 support local guest speakers, authors; theatrical and musical productions by students, local groups and out-of-town professionals; the purchase of special equipment, materials, books and videos for schools, libraries and other Granby organizations; and improvements to town public places.
More than one grant may be awarded a year at the discretion of the CBG Board of Directors. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with the board announcing its decision within 60 days of submission. Each application is reviewed on its merits and the ability of CBG to fund the proposed activity or project.
The decision will be based upon the following criteria.
It is a program that will enrich the lives of a number of Granby residents and/or students.
The program will be available to everyone regardless of sex, color, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or age.
The program or project will be initiated within one year of the grant being awarded.
CBG awards are one-time grants. If the proposal will be an annual event or ongoing, the applicant should identify non-CBG sources of future funding.
The applicant must identify and secure appropriate insurance, approvals, licenses and permits as required by law.
Please complete a CBG grant application and submit to the CBG Board of Directors, P.O. Box 165, Granby, CT 06035. Applications may also be submitted by email to: editor@granbydrummer.org
Questions: Please contact editor@granbydrummer.org.

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