2017 Granby revaluation underway

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By Susan Altieri, CCMA, II

The Town of Granby is in the process of beginning state mandated revaluation for October 1. State law now requires all municipalities to conduct a revaluation every five years. Revaluation is the equalization of property values by estimating the current market value of all properties in town. Its purpose is to value all property by the same standards at the same point in time.
The town has hired Vision Government Solutions to assist the Assessor’s office with this project. As part of the process, the town has compiled a data mailer with information about the property from existing town records and previous house-to-house visits. These data mailers were sent the first week of March.

To ensure accuracy of the final valuation it is very important that the property owners play an active and important role in this process. It is very important to the success of this project that the Assessor’s office receive a 100 percent return of these mailers. If you have not done so yet, please take the time to verify and, or, make any corrections to these forms and return them as soon as possible. All the return information will be included on the data mailer. If you have any questions, please call the Assessor’s office at 860-844-5311. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.