Multi-business handyman helps keep Granby homes in shape

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By John R. Nieb
When you need work done around your house, but don’t know how to do it or need a pro, give Brett Flagg a call. Flagg owns three businesses that can help: Free Flow Sewer and Drain, Handy Home Improvement and Full of Rubbish. He works with homeowners, businesses, farms and towns. Flagg and his colleagues work in a fast, professional and efficient manner to keep homes and businesses in good shape.
Free Flow Sewer Drain specializes in plumbing, such as clearing slow running, blocked or leaking drains. Flagg does camera inspections to locate and document the source of the drain problems, and he has the latest equipment to clear everything from roots to other blockages.
Handy Home Improvement does everything from large projects, such as basement remodeling to miscellaneous tasks that people don’t like to do or don’t have the time to do. “We have a saying, ‘just ask, we do that,” Flagg said.
At Full of Rubbish, Flagg is available for hard-to-lift items, from a single appliance to whole house cleanouts and removals.
When Flagg was looking for a new business opportunity, a friend encouraged him to get a home improvement contractors license, and the two men have worked together on some large projects.
“I was willing to do a lot of the jobs that aren’t glamorous but that people need done, so I went with it,” Flagg said.
Local advertising, social media, customer referrals and repeat customers keep him busy. “Customer referrals are a great help,” said Flagg of spreading the word about his businesses.
“I may be on a large project and get a call for emergency service. That plus parental responsibilities and other work-related obligations,” make for a busy daily routine.
Flagg’s work load changes depending on the season. In the winter, he does snow removal, and in the autumn, he does gutter cleaning. In the spring and summer, Flagg does outdoor projects, such as fences, decks, trimming bushes and trees, and other home exterior repairs, such as house washing
“Although clogs happen all year round, residents seem to have more clogs when there is a strain on the system around the holidays,” Flagg said. He works six to 10 hours a day on average. But with the nature of emergency-on-demand work, he has to be available at all times, and he always has an open line of communication.
“The best part is being able to make a living by helping others,” Flagg said, is that’s the great part of doing business in communities like Granby and neighboring towns,” Flagg said. “Most people appreciate if you do a good job and they spread the word.”
For Flagg, it is a daily challenge to manage his time between his personal life and work life, but he seems to be able to make it happen with the support of friends and family.
Flagg can be reached at 860-614-4857 or by email at

Handyman Brett Flagg. Photo by John R. Nieb