Lost Acres Orchards comforter project continues

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By Shirley Murtha
At the 29th annual Fall Quilt Happening at Lost Acres Orchard on Dec. 3, guests were amazed to see the more than 56 comforters that had been made for distribution to the victims of this fall’s devastating Tennessee fires. Around 70 volunteers contributed their time and effort to foster this program’s success. Some donate fabric, thread or batting, some cut fabric squares, others sew the squares together and still others layer the tops with batting and backing and “tie” the layers together.
Having had less than desirable results with other methods, Lost Acres’ Ginny Wutka makes sure the comforters are delivered in person, not sent to a distribution center. This insures that each piece is given directly to a grateful recipient.
There will always be national disasters, as well as shelters in need, so the Comforter Project is an ongoing effort. Readers who may want to join in should contact Wutka at ginny@lostacres.com.
Other highlights of the fall Happening included a continuation of the discussion begun during the summer event regarding Barbara Brachman’s publication Facts and Fabrications: Unraveling the History of Quilts and Slavery. Various volunteer sewers are making the 20 blocks from the book’s sampler quilt. Four of these have been completed and were shown: Trip Around the World, North Star, Cabin Windows and Chain Star. Once all 20 are completed, the quilt will be assembled and displayed at Lost Acres.
Fifty-six comforters awaiting distribution to the victims of the Tennessee fires were on display at the Fall Quilt Happening at Lost Acres Orchard, all the result of volunteer effort.

Photo by Shirley Murtha