Humans of Granby

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By Emma Smith
Bryanna Canfield
Age 17
Granby high school senior, varsity basketball team captain, debate club member and employee at Lite-N-Up Café
Tell about a season you like…
Fall is my favorite due to the colors of the leaves and flowers (mums). I love going to an orchard for apples and also enjoy visiting New York City in the fall. Recently I went to the Museum of Modern Art to see some of Salvador Dali’s works and truly appreciated them since we have been learning about his style in school.
Tell about your job or another job you might like to try….
I think it would be especially fun to be a photographer for a fashion company. The fashion world fascinates me; it would be cool to meet the models and see the different designs up close. I think the 90s grunge look is making a comeback lately with high-waisted jeans, jean jackets and chokers. I kind of like this look.
Of course, I also like working at Lite-N-Up. I can remember the time it was very busy at lunchtime on a routine weekday. One of us looked towards the ice cream machine only to find that one of my friends had left it running by accident. Ice cream was everywhere. We never worked so hard in order to get the mess cleaned up. We tried scooping it up with cups and used anything handy to get it off the floor. By working together we all saved that day, thank goodness!
Tell about a road, path or trail in Granby that you like….
That’s easy because I live right near McLean Game Refuge. It is fun to hike to the summit since it has a great overlook for checking out North Granby, along with a horse ranch also visible from the cliff. I have a dog that’s a springer named Sheba and I brought her up there with me one day early this fall. I was lucky she agreed to do this hike since she is getting older these days. Sheba, however, is a great companion for hiking because she doesn’t push me to go too fast.
Franco Araujo
Age 31
Proprietor of Granby Pizza Shop
Tell about a season you like….
I love the fall because of the beautifully colored trees. I do enjoy winter though, just as much as fall because I am originally from a small town in Brazil named Pancas. There it was pretty much summer throughout the year, and I never did get to experience the snow that falls in New England. I also love the Christmas decorations and activities. I have been here seven years now and feel at home in Granby because it is so much like Pancas in that there is one main road and the people here are very friendly.
Tell more about your job…
I remember having fun delivering pizza to Kearns school to the small children who were so excited and happy about it. Sometimes we get some unusual requests. One time we got a crank call from a person claiming to be deaf who was using a TTY keyboard along with a human translator. He ordered 100 pizzas. Another time a guy called in and ordered a meatball grinder with mayo and honey mustard. Not believing the combination, I called him back to confirm that order.
Tell about a road, path or trail in Granby that you especially like…
Day Street. I love driving up the hill and past the Old Oak Tree that serves as a symbol for the town. I also appreciate coming down Mountain Road and seeing almost all the way to the city. Silkey Road is pretty but one time during a severe winter storm in 2010 my SUV rolled downhill out of control for a few seconds. When there is snow and ice on the roads, there are times when we just cannot deliver the pies.