Pollworkers are urgently needed

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This is an historic election year with an unprecedented upsurge in new voter registrations. New pollworkers are needed for data entry, helping at Town Hall and working at the polls in the Community Gym where over 6,000 voters are anticipated during the day – over 400 voters per hour. The registrar’s office is actively recruiting new workers and has set up an extensive list of options for training to try to make it easier to participate. There will be morning, afternoon, evening and weekend classes. In September a bulk email/sign up went out with when and where training will be held for the first seven classes this fall. Five more options will be offered soon – only one class is required to participate as an official pollworker. Pollworkers can be volunteers or paid and must be 16 years or older. If you would like to be added to the list or if you did not receive the pollworker information and signups please email the registrars at: vr.granby.ct@gmail.com