Granby Community Fund needs your support

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By Jean Miller, GCF president
By now all Granby, West Granby and North Granby residents should have received the Granby Community Fund (GCF) mailing requesting a donation in support of 15 local non-profits that support the Granby community. The primary mission of the GCF is to coordinate a town-wide fundraiser with one annual campaign. The GCF will distribute donations to organizations based on needs identified through grant requests.
The Granby Community Fund’s campaign goal this year is $75,000. Your donation allows the following organizations to provide valuable programs and services to the residents of Granby: Granby Parents for a Safe Graduation, Granby Land Trust, Marquis of Granby, Farmington Valley YMCA, Favarh, Holcomb Farm Fresh Access, McLean Meals on Wheels, Waste Not Want Not Kitchen, local chapters of the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, American Red Cross, and Salvation Army, as well as the Granby Special Assistance Fund, an emergency family support program that assists needy residents when other resources are not available.
The GCF has coordinated an Annual Campaign since 1960. While the GCF is thankful for the support received, a decline in donations has impacted the amount it is able to distribute. If more households were able to contribute to the GCF it would make even more impact on the lives of so many people. If you have never donated to the GCF, please consider a tax deducible donation this year. No amount is too small. For those that continue to support the GCF year-after-year, thank you for your continued support and generosity, it is greatly appreciated.
All board members volunteer their time to the Granby Community Fund. Some represent member agencies, while others are residents of Granby known as Directors at Large ((DAL). Members include, Jean Miller (Favarh/President), Dave Amidon (Boyscouts), Jennifer Bilodeau (DAL/Treasurer), Barbara Bosso (Waste Not Want Not Kitchen), Lucian Cascio (American Red Cross), Vickie Dirienzo (Meals on Wheels), Lee French (DAL/Vice President), Pauline Greer (Marquis of Granby), Holly Johnson (Girl Scouts), Olivia Johnson (Girl Scouts), Evan Kalish (DAL/Assistant Treasurer), Jack Laureau (Holcomb Farm), Patricia Main (DAL), Karen McTeague (Parents for a Safe Graduation), Kathy Orfitelli (Salvation Army), Patty Sansone (DAL), Ellen Shilkret (DAL), Stan Walczewski (DAL).
Visit the GCF website to learn more or make an on-line donation

GCF board members: (back row, from l.): Jack Lareau, Pat Main, Dave Amidon, Karen McTeague, Lucian Cascio, Stan Walczewski; (middle row): Holly Johnson, Jen Bilodeau, Lee French, Scott Woodaman, Evan Kalish; (front): Barbara Bosso, Patty Sansone, Jean Miller, Kathy Orfitelli and Vickie Dirienzo.