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By Emma Smith
Bella Krumm
Age 13
Granby Middle School, Grade 8
Lacrosse and Field Hockey player, Clarinet player in band
Tell about a great day…
“One day I went to Six Flags with my three closest friends. We have known each other since the beginning of elementary school. We liked the Wicked Cyclone so much that we rode it four times and then tried to see how weird we could look in photos of ourselves. Later we got henna tattoos; my friend’s was an infinity sign and mine was an arrow on my wrist that I picked at random. “
Tell about an impressive movie…
“One of my favorite movies is If I Stay. I saw it with my mom and it was sad but inspiring. The main character, a girl, gets in a car accident and then is rescued but falls into a coma. During her time in the hospital she has visions about her future. It is as if she is outside of her body watching events happen. Her grandpa tells her about frightening things that will happen in her life, but that she will come through these adversities. She will be okay. I could really relate to this because I am close to one of my grandparents. That would be my grandmother on my mom’s side.”
Tell something you like about Granby…
“People in Granby are friendly and easy to get to know. I think this is because the schools are smaller, (people don’t move in and out of town a lot). I imagine I will keep some of my current friends well into the future. I also like the parks and playing Lacrosse. My team members seem like closer friends than the kids on other teams are to each other.”

Emily Boyd
Age 42
Part time Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor
Mother of two boys; 7 and 11 years old

Tell about a great day…
“That would be March 8, as it was my last day of chemotherapy.  This represented such a milestone for me. I had felt anticipation for this day for many months and such a sense of relief when it finally came. My husband and friends brought me flowers and I realized I had finally gotten through it, (the ordeal).
Before chemo began I had imagined it to be a dark, sad, horrific experience, however, when going to my routinely scheduled visits I actually found the opposite to be true. It was kind of a positive experience because I got to know so many new people and began great friendships. I felt cared for like a young child who stayed home sick from school. It is true that the drugs circulating throughout my body were totally horrific but the overall experience was not that way. I felt although I encountered a different side of humanity by meeting with Laurie and Helen, the super nurses, along with my fellow patients.”
An impressive movie…
“One of my all-time favorites is The Princess Bride. A beautiful princess named Buttercup is kidnapped on the eve of her wedding by an evil prince. She really loves a farmhand but he was taken by pirates. You can guess the ending I’m sure.  My sister and I still joke about the wedding scene where the mood is solemn and quiet and the priest breaks the silence with garbled speech. I recently watched this with my two sons and they really enjoyed it.”
Tell something you like about Granby…
“I like the friendly people and the fantastic YMCA facility. I have been a member of the “Y” for about 5 years and am currently working there part time. When my two children were younger I could take a group class while they were in the daycare for a couple of hours. This was a perk for working there at the time and it truly saved my sanity. The ‘Y’ fostered my interest in fitness such that I now have certification as a personal trainer.”

Andrew Bennet
Age 47
CIGNA Vice President

Tell about a great day…
“Early this spring when it was still quite cold and rainy out, I went to Connecticut College in New London to watch my teenage daughter play in an invitational volleyball meet. There were a number of teams at the event and I could tell that she was feeling anxious. After working quite hard she finally scored a point for her team and the look on her face was priceless. I could feel the same joy that she felt. As usual she was starving after the game so we came right back home. I made her favorite dinner; sausage and peppers. “
Tell about an impressive movie…
“I was tepidly interested in going to see the film Martian last summer, however by the end of the movie I was shedding tears and hoping for the astronaut’s survival. It was the first time I ever experienced a science fiction movie that came this close to showing such realistic feelings and sense of humanity expressed by its main character.”
Something you like about Granby…
I like that Granby is a small town with such a genuine New England character. I do a lot of business traveling to urban areas. It is so comforting for me to come home after a long, hectic stretch of time to the serene atmosphere found here in Granby. I also like take out from Han restaurant, specifically, sushi delight with a side of noodles.”
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