BOS establishes Kearns School Study Committee

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by Shirley Murtha
At the June 20 Board of Selectman meeting, the board approved the establishment of a Frank M. Kearns School Study Committee charged with evaluating and exploring opportunities for use of the building and its surrounding property. The committee will recommend the “highest and best use” of the facility to the BOS.
The committee will consist of five members nominated by the Democratic and Republican Town Chairmen and one non-voting ex-officio BOS representative. At least one member should have experience and expertise in community and commercial growth development. Other areas of experience that would be valuable include municipal planning, real estate development, structural or civil engineering, project management, environmental issues, municipal finance and building construction and/or renovation. The Town Chairmen will present their nominations to the board for approval.
The committee will network with local, regional and state organizations and receive input from appropriate town agencies and departments. It will be charged to hold at least two public sessions to gather input and suggestions. It will report to the BOS at the three-month point, and will be expected to have reached a summary recommendation by six months.
Mark Neumann offered to be the ex-officio representative.
Residents who are interested in being on this committee should contact the Democratic or Republican Town Chairmen (Jim Lofink, 860-810-0274 or Mark Neumann, 860-653-9668).
Budget Operations
Revenues and expenditures are on target, with shortages in a few areas balanced by excesses in others. No transfers of money from one account to cover another are needed this year, due mainly to the mild winter alleviating the need for public works overtime and materials.
Each year, certain taxes (property and vehicle) are considered uncollectable after several attempts to contact the delinquent parties. Often, these people have left the state without any forwarding information. The board approved the transfer of these taxes to the Transfer to Suspense Account. The amount this year is $23,238. If the parties move back into the state or attempt to register a motor vehicle, the town will be advised and the taxes will have to be paid in order to complete the registration.
Youth Service Bureau Presentation
Youth Service Bureau director Ann Marie Cox and three members of the Youth Action Council presented a summary of the main activities of the bureau to the board at its June 6 meeting. The students summed up their program as “community service at the high school level.”
The bureau sponsors dances and other fundraising activities to be able to offer scholarships to seniors who are considered “quiet;” i.e. unlikely to attract the attention of scholarship committees, yet have a distinct need for financial aid.
The Action Council also provides safe zones for LGBTQ students, works with shy students in “project reserve,” and works with guidance counselors to find ways to ease the transition from middle to high school for all students.
Fred Jones has been appointed to the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission.
FVHD Recognition
First Selectman Scott Kuhnly recognized and honored the Farmington Valley Health District’s 40 years of continued service to Valley towns, including Granby.