Lunch for the Mind: Ready for kitchen witchin’?

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By Eileen Longhi
Join the Civic Engagement Education Team at the Granby Senior Center on Wednesday, June 15, at 12:30 for a unique program, Kitchen Witchery – Making Food Your Medicine presented by herbalist, Lisl Huebner.  Huebner is an expert in diagnosing patterns of imbalance according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) using pulse and tongue diagnosis and sets up herbal protocols and dietary recommendations for individuals.

TMC is a comprehensive medical system that has been practiced for over 500 years. It integrates various philosophies of nature to create internal balance while viewing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas of an individual to treat them as a whole and not as individual parts of the body. TCM’s core philosophy is that the root cause of illnesses must be treated, not just the symptoms as western medicine often does. Huebner says, “Common herbs can magically transform a mundane meal into a recipe for vim and vigor. Your spice cabinet can brew up a pleasant potion to soothe stress, ease insomnia, handle a headache, tend to tummies and combat colds!”

Huebner is a nationally board certified Chinese Herbalist and a nationally Registered Herbalist in private practice for twenty years. She treats patients for such conditions as Lyme disease, fibromyalgia and chronic pain. This presentation will be delicious and enchanting! Please register by calling 860-844-5352. Cost is $5. Bring your own lunch. Beverage and dessert provided.