​Granby Resident Starts Uber Service

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Ken Kuhl

By John R. Nieb
With the new Uber service, Granby residents who don’t drive can now get from one location to another.
Through an online app, Uber allows people to make arrangements with a private driver to pick them up and drop them off at any location. Both drivers and riders have an Uber app on their phones that connect them to one another. The driver and rider can get in an out of the car without any hesitation because “No money changes hands,” said Kenneth Kuhl, a sales executive at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices-New England Properties.
Kuhl works by appointment. People contact him through Facebook or cell phone and he arrives at the time they need to be picked up. Kuhl’s Uber business is a sideline to his full-time real estate business. Some weeks Kuhl doesn’t receive any riders at all and Kuhl never has more than one rider a day. He said he loves meeting people and helping them with his quality driving service. “My real estate business is 99 percent of my income,” Kuhl said. “The Uber service is for fun and the opportunity to help people who need the service that Uber provides.”
Kuhl considers himself a “private driver” for those who book him in advance.
“I do not do Uber service like most do. I make myself available only when people contact me and set up the time they will need service,” Kuhl said. “I do not sit and wait for calls, nor do I keep the app on when I drop someone off at the airport.”
“I think it will continue to grow as more people become aware of it,” said Kuhl about the future of the Uber Service in Granby.