Lunch for the Mind – Thanksgiving

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History, myth of Thanksgiving subject of Lunch for the Mind
By Eileen Longhi
Thanksgiving is a holiday that is celebrated by most Americans on the fourth Thursday of November. We each do so in our own way whether at home or in a restaurant with relatives and friends or perhaps even going away to some exotic place. The Civic Engagement Education Team invites you to celebrate with us Thanksgiving It’s History – It’s Myth on Wednesday, Nov. 18, at 12:30 at the Granby Senior Center.
Dr. George Ducharme, who has a master’s degree in Native American Studies, will reflect on the truth of the First Thanksgiving in Plymouth, Mass. He will also discuss the myth of Thanksgiving, the history of our American celebration and add some activities to help all of us, especially our children, give thanks each day. He says, “giving thanks is an everyday activity of Indigenous/Native Peoples.”
Dr. Ducharme is a member of the Abenaki People in Northern New England and Quebec, Canada and has devoted himself to understanding and teaching the truth concerning Native People. To increase the number of people who have a greater understanding about Native Peoples, he has created four courses at Manchester Community College regarding Native/Indigenous issues.
Please join us for this interesting program. Registration is encouraged. Call 860-844-5352. Fee: $5. Bring your own lunch. Beverages are provided.