High School Column: Granby Gets Back

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By Abby Shtekler
After a long summer break, Granby comes back ready as ever. As far as sports go, everyone has been selling fundraisers in preparation for the fall season. Field hockey has been selling cookies, and girls soccer and football have sold coupon cards. Girls soccer has also held two bake sales where it raised money for the team as well as the Granby Food Bank. Our Granby volleyball team held a carwash as well as a bake sale and we’re all working hard to pull together a great season! Most captain’s practices started back in July and the first day of practice for most sports was on August 27.
But, sports aren’t the only thing going on in Granby Memorial High School; clubs are starting soon! Towards the end of September and early October is when most of them will begin. We offer a wide variety of clubs at our school including robotics, debate club, environmental club, knitting and crochet, LEO club, and many, many more. There is pretty much a club for almost all hobbies whether you like to write, knit, etc. One club is in fact new this year—the Science Olympiad. In this club, students will break off into groups based on scientific specialities. For example, one group can be robotics, another computer programming, another biology, and more. At the Science Olympiad on April 2, the people from the club will go to the meet and compete against one another in their given subject. Some events are trivia-like while others are more lab-based or building-based. We are very excited to kick off this new club and hope it will be very successful. The first informational meeting is on Tuesday, September 15 after school where the details will be explained and all are welcome. Clubs like the NHS have already accepted the applications and are considering them now.
With all of these options already, Granby is still not finished offering extra curriculars. Auditions were held on Wednesday, Sept. 9 for the school play. The play this year will be on Nov. 13, 14 and 15. Granby students are also preparing to take the PSAT test on October 14. There’s lots of action going on at Granby Memorial High School this year and everyone is excited and getting ready for homecoming!

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