Gerry Palmer, “Flower Group” Leader.

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Gerry found ways to brighten Granby. She was the leader of the Flower Group or Garden Girls for many, many years. Her mission was to brighten the islands on the town green with pots of flowers. With an annual donation from the Civic Club and the help of volunteers, she made sure the pots were cared for and watered from May through October.
In 2013 Gerry convinced the town maintainers to create the base for the garden pictured here. They ran a water line and then sculpted a beautiful base on which the volunteers planted a garden. Currently 18 volunteers water, weed and maintain this garden. The volunteers plan to place a brass plaque in this garden in memory of Gerry Palmer and her volunteer work in Granby.  Donations are gratefully accepted. Please call Beth Matlack at 860-653-3751 to arrange a donation.