September Lunch for the Mind program – the People of Japan

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By Eileen Longhi

Would you like to learn more about how Japanese heritage shaped its peoples way of life or its challenges with a growing-older population? Or learn more about the traditional Japanese tea ceremony? If these, plus exploring Japan’s past and present culture and customs pique your interest, please join the Granby Civic Engagement Education Team’s Lunch for the Mind program on Wednesday, Sept. 23, at 12:30 at the Granby Senior Center. A

nita Ferron, lecturer at Manchester Community College, will answer the above questions plus share the history of the Samurai and the Geisha and how they have influenced Japanese beliefs. She will talk about the salary man and how life changed for him and his family, the young people, the single women and the current work force.

The Japanese tea ceremony has always been a large part of Japan’s culture. Anita says: “A traditional Japanese tea ceremony is truly a cherished event to attend. There are preparations that begin days before. Every decoration, utensil has a special place and significance. What seems like simple hand gestures are carefully practiced and taught in Sen-no-Rikyu schools of tea ceremony tradition. It is a spiritual experience of tranquility that shows harmony, respect, discipline and purity.” She will serve tea, but will not be serving in the traditional way.

Anita travels extensively and brings back the knowledge learned from other countries into her classroom. She has taught Family and Consumer Sciences (Home Economics) for over 40 years. In 2002, she was teacher of the year for her child development program. She has been a member of the International Federation of Home Economists for seventeen years and a delegate for the U.S. at three world meetings. Registration is encouraged. Call 860-844-5352. Fee: $5. Bring your own lunch, beverages provided.