Social Services Update

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Granby Emergency Fuel Bank–Provides emergency assistance for utility-heated households facing hardships and shut-offs. Please call the office for additional information and for eligibility screening. The Granby Emergency Fuel Bank is funded solely by donations and gifts from the community. If you wish to donate, please make the check payable to the Town of Granby Local Assistance Fund with a notation that it is intended for the Fuel Bank.

Granby Food Bank–This community service is offered by the VNA to any family or individual who may need assistance in meeting daily living expenses, particularly due to loss of income or Medicare/Medicaid limitations. Please contact the Social Service office for eligibility screening and registration.

Elderly and Disabled Rent Relief–Applications will be accepted in the Human Services Office from May 1, 2015 through September 15, 2015. Qualifying renters may apply this year even if they did not receive a check from the program last year. Maximum income guidelines are: Married Couple – $42,200; Single- $34,600. Additional local benefits may be available. Contact the Social Services Office for information. Applicants must provide proof of income and rental and utility expenses from 2014.

Lifeline Telephone Service–Apply for a discount of $10.42 per month. Individuals must certify that someone in the household currently receives benefits from one of these programs:

Medicaid/Medical Assistance

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) formerly Food Stamps

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

State Supplemental to the Aged, Blind or Disabled

Personal Care Assistance

Connecticut Energy Assistance Program

Medicare Savings Programs (MSP)–Helps pay for your Medicare Part B premiums. They are the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary program (QMB), the Special Low Income Medicare Beneficiary program (SLMB) and the Additional Low Income Medicare Beneficiary program (ALMB). All three programs pay Medicare Part B premiums. However, only QMB pays Medicare co-pays and deductibles for Medicare-covered services.

Income limits for the three levels of the program are:

QMB – $2,069.11 for a single person and $2,802.08 for a couple

SLMB – $2,266.11 for a single person and $3,067.68 for a couple

ALMB – $2,413.26 for a single person and $3,266.88 for a couple