Planning and Zoning meeting

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The Planning and Zoning meeting of May 26

By Elaine Jones

On May 26, the Planning and Zoning Commission reviewed the Center Review Study Subcommittee report with a power point presentation by Director of Community Development Fran Armentano. Using maps showing specific areas of town, particularly the town center and the three zones that define it, and where the proposed zoning amendment would have the greatest impact, he reviewed the recommendation of the subcommittee and the effect on the town’s future growth.

This included the removal of Section 3.12.5 #1 regarding retail use, restaurants and commercial services. He explained the definition of “uses” and how “prohibited uses” could cause conflict and confusion in the interpretation of the regulations. He reviewed the subcommittees reasoning in its recommendations; increased opportunity for new business within the town center; confidence that P&Z would make the proper decisions when using the special permit applications within the center; and the opportunity for the promotion and preservation of historic homes.

The Commission responded to some residents’ concerns and those expressed by subcommittee member Peggy Lareau in her “minority view” report at the last P&Z meeting. Their concerns were for the impact these changes would have on the historical aspects of the area. The Commission added wording in Section 3.12.5 #2 to clarify the responsibility of P&Z to seek input from the Salmon Brook Historical Society for any application involving a property or any portion of property located within the Granby Center Historic Overlay District.

P&Z voted, 7-0, to consider a zoning amendment to Sections 3.12.5 #1 and #2 as recommended by the Center Zone Review Subcommittee and as modified by the Planning and Zoning Commission. A public hearing on the proposed amendment will be held on June 9, 2015.

Accessory apartment request approved

A public hearing for an application seeking a special permit for an accessory apartment request for property on 2 Apple Tree Lane was held on the May 26 meeting. The application was approved. Joseph and Garielle Galiatsatos, owners of the property, explained that they had recently purchased the home and wanted to add a 20×28 square-foot three-room addition off the back of the house-garage area for his mother. The addition will have a full bath, a living area, a bedroom and a kitchen. The apartment will have its own access through the garage and through a back facing deck. Granby’s building inspector said the application meets all requirements for this proposal.

Committee member Linda Spevacek announced her resignation from the board with her last meeting on June 9. Her service to Granby and her contributions to the decision-making process of the Planning and Zoning was noted with appreciation.