Marquis of Granby welcomes new director

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By Lori Catlin Garcia

The Marquis of Granby Ancient Fyfe and Drum Corps welcomes a new corps director, Kimberley McCord. “We are all so thankful that someone of Kim’s caliber has stepped forward to assume this position,” says former director Audrey Lampert, who retired following the Granby Memorial Day celebrations this year. “It’s very important for organizations to have smooth transitions and this one should be as seamless as possible. Kim has volunteered with the corps for several years now, rotating through different positions on our board. She knows how the organization works, and both our members and their parents know and respect her.”  In addition to her experience working with children, the Marquis board of directors especially noted McCord’s ten years of volunteer experience with the Granby PTO where she has also served as treasurer for the past three years. She has a management degree from Bryant University and is currently a teacher assistant at Kelly Lane Intermediate School. McCord moonlights as a certified pet dog trainer, and has been actively involved in greyhound rescue since 1998.

“The Marquis represents a unique experience of music, history, camaraderie and military honor that is such an important part of these kids’ lives for many years,” said McCord. “I am looking forward to following in the footsteps of Audrey and her predecessors, the dedicated volunteers who have kept the organization going strong for 45 years. I can’t imagine Granby without the Marquis. The kids, families, instructors and community have become such a wonderful part of my life.”

McCord will be leading the corps on their summer trip to Fort Ticonderoga, NY where they will be one of the featured musical units at the annual fife and drum muster in July. As is often the case with corps directors, the family is also very involved. Kent McCord has also stepped forward to serve as the corps treasurer, and daughters Rebecca and Katrina both are Marquis fifers. 

The Marquis of Granby has been an honored tradition in Granby since its inception in1969. The Marquis (properly pronounced “Mar-kwis” in the English tradition) is an historic re-creation of a military unit of the 18th century and has maintained historical accuracy with few exceptions. Membership is open to all area youth between the ages of 9 and 21 (Granby residence is not a requirement). The members of the Marquis gratefully acknowledge the continued support they receive from area residents and the Granby Community Fund.

Audrey Lampert wishes to thank the entire community of Granby for their extraordinary support of the corps during the ten years that she and her family were involved. “I really do feel the Marquis is one of the strongest youth fife and drum corps in the country because it has such a broad and deep base of community support that spans many decades and many directors. I can’t wait to see what exciting things are in store for the next ten years!”

Kimberely McCord is the new director of the Marquis of Granby Ancient Fyfe and Drum Corps. Photo by Audrey Lampert


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