Feminist’s demand: just equality

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PictureRachel Cisto, senior journalism major at the University of Hartford with CTVV Host Susan Regan. Submitted photo

Feminist’s demand: just equality

Once again, CTVV’s Host, Susan Regan interviews another young woman whose article was published in the Hartford Courant entitled “My Feminist Demand – Just Equality”.

The Hartford Courant’s “Fresh Talk” section has certainly provided a sounding board for young women to voice their opinion on the subject of women’s status in today’s world. Where although the “gentler gender” has improved its lot in the job opportunity, educational and sports arenas; there still exists a real rather than perceived attitude by some of their male counterparts that they should be relegated to “minor league” status.

Rachel Cisto, a senior majoring in journalism at the University of Hartford and author of the “Just Equality” article relates her personal experiences and her views on what can be done to change the current culture both from a male and female perspective and the need for better role models.

If you’re a girl or a mother, dad, brother or good friend of an aspiring young woman you will want to see this CTVV segment.

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