2016 Schools Budget Calls for Increase

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2016 Schools Budget Calls for 2.39 percent Increase
By Kim Becker

The Board of Education approved Superintendent Alan Addley’s revised FY16 budget with a 2.39 percent increase. This budget keeps the third grade teacher that the Board demanded be restored, cuts $16,000 in technology consulting, and moves the Ultimate Frisbee Club costs to the Quality and Diversity budget.

Several Board of Finance members objected to the revisions during the three-board meeting on April 30. The BOF “was comfortable” with the first budget increase of 2.29 percent and balked at the proposed 2.39 percent increase. Much was made of the need to keep the mill rate increase under 2 percent. Without the third grade teacher, the mill rate stayed at 1.97 percent, which was deemed palatable to the voters.

The BOF finally agreed to use some reserve money to fund the additional $27,000 needed to keep the third grade class and keep the mill rate increase stable.

To review the District’s budget, go the Granby Public Schools website and click on the BOE tab. The FY16 BOE Budget Book can be found under Budget Information.

Revenues and Fees

Before the BOE agreed to Addley’s budget, it continued to debate the integrated preschool tuition rate. Several members wanted to raise tuition for September, while others feared backlash from the families who send their regular education children. Those in favor of the tuition increase wanted to raise more revenue and pointed out that the district should charge competitive rates for a quality product. Others felt that a comprehensive and regular review of all fees the district charges would be easier to explain to the public. In the end, the Board charged Business Manager Harry Traver to develop a list of revenues and fees to review for FY17.


The date for high school graduation is Thursday, June 18 and “moving up” day for the eighth grade is Wednesday, June 17.