Tender Care Child Care Name

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Apple Tree Children’s Centers in Connecticut are now Tender Care Learning Centers

Apple Tree Children’s Centers announced that its five Connecticut locations will become Tender Care Learning Centers. Changing the Apple Tree name to Tender Care Learning Centers unites the sister companies that have been operating successfully as one company for many years.

There are currently 18 Tender Care Learning Centers in the Pittsburgh area that have been operating successfully for more than 30 years. Apple Tree Children’s Centers has also been operating successfully for more than 30 years in the communities they serve. “Tender Care Learning Centers clearly communicates its promise to expertly and tenderly care for children and their families. It simply makes sense to use one name,” said Sue Albert, marketing director with Tender Care Learning Centers.

“We value our Apple Tree families who have placed their children and their trust with us, and we know how important their relationships are with our early education professionals and staff,” said Michelle Meace, regional manager, Apple Tree Children’s Centers. “Families who have come to rely on Apple Tree should not be concerned with the name change. And for new families considering preschool services, we hope they find us to be a welcoming and caring experience for them.”

Tender Care Learning Centers opened its first location in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1982. It quickly grew to 18 locations. Tender Care Learning Centers is proud to be the chosen child care provider for two national sports teams located in Pittsburgh—the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

PictureTender care teacher award

Early Education Professional of the Year

Shelby Lamoureux, a teacher at Granby’s Tender Care Children’s Center (formerly Apple Tree Children’s Center), was named Early Education Professional of the Year, an award given to one employee at each Tender Care facility. Lamoureux has a great connection with the children in her classroom and provides them with the educational experiences they will need to be successful learners later on in life. Every day she is building their foundation for a lifelong love of learning by making learning fun.