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Old Beech Farm – Case Street

We just got back from the National Western Stock Show where we go to select the bulls that we will use for artificial insemination this year. The fall calves are growing out nicely; we have some outstanding heifers. Spring calving is almost here so time to get the birthing pens ready and prepare to take those 2 a.m. walks to the barn to check on expectant mothers. Cold weather always makes for extra chores.


Maple View Farm – Salmon Brook Street

We want YOU to come to our farm! We’ll be hosting our annual Open Barn day on Sunday, April 26 from noon-2 p.m. We’ll offer tours of our property, meet the animals, crafts for kids and an opportunity to get up close and personal with the horses we use in our lessons and Summer Sessions. April is busy on the farm. We’ll be fixing fences to be used in pasture rotation, getting chicks started in brooders (yes, we’re going back to raising chickens!), and cleaning up after a long winter.

O’Brien Nurserymen – Wells Road

The month of April is a great transition month and flowers are a welcome sight. Hellebores lead the way. There has been much done by hellebore breeders in the last 15 years and the results are outstanding. Lenten Rose flowers come in an array of colors, and now as doubles, semi-doubles, picotees and tricolors. We believe you will enjoy seeing these great plants in bloom and selecting your favorite for your garden. Another group of plants doing their thing before the leaves come on the trees are wildflowers. Some of these are natives and others are from Japan. Jeffersonia, glaucidium, wood anemones, hepaticas are a few examples of these dainty woodland plants.

Hemlock Knoll – Loomis Street

What a winter it has been! This past week has given us hope that spring is on its way with the start of “mud season.” The pigs finally put on enough weight to go to market and the meat is back in the freezer ready to sell. Hemlock Knoll Blizzard is thriving. The goats are getting bigger and bigger every day as they are getting ready to kid in April. We will be at the Easter Farmers Market at Lost Acres Vineyard on Wednesday, April 1 from 1 to 7 p.m. with pork, veal and beef. Meat is also available at the Farm, call Aimee at 860-653-6447. Enjoy the spring weather!

Sepe Farm / Pirro Farm – Broad Hill

Spring is the busiest season on our farm — because it includes Easter, lambing, and shearing! We’ll be at the Lost Acres Vineyard Spring Market on April 1, from 4-7, so stop by to get your Sepe Farm lamb. If you’d like to order a whole or half lamb right from the farm, give us a call at 203-470-4084.

Shearing is the once-a-year haircut to remove the thick fleece that kept the sheep warm all winter. We’ll shear several hundred sheep, llamas, and alpacas between our flock and other farms in Connecticut. After shearing, our wool is made into beautiful wool blankets that make one-of-a kind presents for special occasions. Keep them in mind if you’ve got a special wedding to attend this summer. You can order online at www.SepeFarm.com.

And we’re expecting lambs any day now, so keep checking our Facebook page for baby pictures!

Lost Acres Vineyard – Lost Acres Road

We are excited to host a Spring Farmers Market April 1st from 4 to 7pm. Holcomb Farm, Sepe Farm, Sweet Pea Cheese, Maple View Farm, Hemlock Knoll and more will be offering greens, specialty products, hams, goat cheese and milk, lamb and more.

Spring is officially here and it is pruning season. Pruning is multi-step process at Lost Acres Vineyard. We start with a rough pruning, where we prune away the obvious extra growth but leaving insurance trunks and canes on each vine. Later in April / early May we go back to each vine and prune a little harder taking out the insurance canes and trunks, leaving most vines with one trunk and two canes and a total of 12 to 15 buds.

Our Tasting Room is stocked up with all your favorites and there is still time to join our wine CSA. We’ll be opening for season April 3. The Lost Acres Vineyard Gallery is off to a great start with our first art show, the Granby Memorial High School AP Art show, up through April 21, followed by an exhibit by local photographer Matthew Wagner.