Despire Title Nine, Gender Bias Remains

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CTVV: Despite Title Nine, gender bias remains

Susan Regan, host of CT Valley Views had a very insightful interview recently with Sophie Brown, a 13-year-old 8th grader at Watkinson School in Hartford. The decision to have such a youthful guest on the show was inspired by the publication of her editorial submission entitled “I’m Not Just One of The Guys” to the Hartford Courant’s Fresh Talk section.

Sophie and her mother, Alicia Brown shared their commentary regarding the subject of Sophie’s article that centered on her experience as a dedicated athlete and very accomplished tennis player who experienced some derisive commentary from a male opponent while playing on both the girls’ and boys’ varsity teams in 7th grade. While there was no official ruling as to whether a girl could participate in both groups, the animosity shown by the male players and coaches was a clear signal that there was gender discrimination despite her skill or, more specifically, because she could “beat her opponent at their own game.”

Sophie is an articulate and well-rounded Watkinson student and embodies the attributes of a confident, yet modest role model who set the bar high for other girls participating in competitive sports.

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