Connecticut’s LGBT Seniors

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CTVV: Connecticut’s LGBT seniors

Most of our state’s seniors face the challenges of aging, such as fixed incomes, reduced availability of Medicaid and Medicare primary care physicians and loss of lifelong friends and significant others. A portion of Connecticut’s seniors also experiences solitary suffering leading to increased depression and a high rate of suicides.

LGBT, as this group is commonly referred to, stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender; for them, the circle of safety support is limited due to death of partners with whom they felt physically and emotionally safe to be “out” the majority of their lives.

Join Susan Regan for a dynamic interview with Kathleen Marschall and Jennifer Bennett, senior center coordinators from Simsbury and Avon, respectively, and guests Diana Lombardi, director on the Board of Directors for the CT Trans-Advocacy Coalition, and Gustave Keach-Longo, vice president of Senior Services Community Renewal Team Inc. This segment provides a candid overview of the challenges facing the LGBT community and how local organizations can provide a constructive and realistic bridge to solutions for this silent generation.

Watch this informative episode on Cox/Enfield Channel 15 and Frontier Digital TV Channel 99 Fridays, March 27 and April 3 at 6 p.m.

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