“Tooth Talk” by Dr Ungerleider

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Smile Makeover

Q. Am I too old to improve my smile?

A. Smile enhancements, like those seen on television, can and are done right here in Granby on a daily basis. They are not just for the stars, but can benefit everyone. With the advent of Invisalign, One Hour Power Whitening, Deep Bleaching, Porcelain Veneers and Bonding procedures, you can see dramatic improvements very quickly and painlessly. In fact, you may be able to receive a back massage and  view a movie or concert with stereo headphones all while you have your dental work completed!

Computerized imaging, or “Smile Vision,” allows our dentists to preview what you could look like before you even begin treatment.  This allows your input as to the color, shape and contour of your proposed smile makeover.  

Think you’re too old?  The average age of smile makeovers is between the ages of 40-65, but if you are in good health, it’s never too late to improve your smile.  We have had patients in their 70’s and beyond change their smiles, and are thrilled with the outcome.  The only question they ask is, “Why did I wait so long?

Your smile is your first impression.  Remember, you don’t look at yourself all day, but others do.  Ask your spouse, family member, co-worker, or best friend if they think your smile could be improved. Then come in and ask us to give you an evaluation or complimentary smile imaging.

The doctors and staff of the Granby Dental Center invite you to see all of the new and exciting advances in modern dentistry at our office.  Computerized Dental Radiography allows us to lower radiation doses to our patients by 50-90%!

At the Granby Dental Center, we even offer CEREC, an amazing new technology that allows us to fabricate porcelain crowns and onlays in just one visit. This revolutionary CAD CAM unit allows us to preserve more healthy tooth structure and restore the tooth to 100% of its original strength. 

If you have a question you would like answered, or would like a tour of our modern office to view our sterilization procedures and to meet our friendly, caring staff, please contact us, or visit our website: www.granbydentalcenter.com