Poet and Humorist, Andy Weil

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Poet and humorist, Andy Weil, promises to Leave ‘Em Laughing

Do you think obituaries have to be serious? Come and find out by joining the Civic Engagement Education Team at the Granby Senior Center on Wednesday, March 11, at 12:30 p.m. for the Lunch for the Mind lecture, Leave ‘Em Laughing, with humorist Andy Weil. As Weil says, “Would it be so awful if we expounded, in our obituaries, our phobias with sushi? Or how we would travel an hour to save 35 cents on a can of peas? Or, we were actually known to count the ply on a roll of toilet paper to make sure we weren’t being cheated?” He continues, “Come on, take a look, we are quirky. We are all dysfunctionally funny. It takes some introspection and a little bravery to confront it. Now is your chance to do just that.”

Weil will share insight not only on how to include laughter in celebrating life, but how to keep those memories alive generation after generation. If you don’t already know Weil, he is a published performance poet-humorist and a member of the Faxon Poets of West Hartford. He travels throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts reading and performing at libraries, schools, senior centers, assisted-living facilities and special functions. He also runs a Senior Voices poetry class at the Granby Senior Center. In 2012, Weil won a national award from the Assisted Living Federation of America for his Senior Voices program. So come join us and die laughing! Register by calling 860-844-5352. Cost is $5. Bring your own lunch, beverage and dessert provided.