Community Garden Reservations Due

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By Jim Glenney

Believe it or not, it’s time to reserve a garden plot. The Granby community gardens are located at Ahrens Park on Hungary Road. The gardens are divided into organic and conventional sections. Water is supplied by a well.  The cost is $5 for a 20×20 foot plot and $10 for a 20×40 foot plot.

 Last year’s gardeners wishing to reserve the same plots need to submit payment by April 20. After that date plots will be given out on a first-come basis. Last year there was a waiting list of new gardeners, so don’t delay.

 The gardens are usually ready for cool crop planting by the last week in April.

Volunteers will be needed to help lay out and label the plots sometime in April. This usually takes two to three hours depending on the number of volunteers. Pathways give easy access to the plots, provided every gardener makes an effort to keep them clear of overgrowth, weeds and stones.

 The use of insecticides and pesticides is discouraged, but not prohibited. It makes sense not to use them as there are many safe alternatives. The use of inexpensive weed block is also discouraged because it tends to deteriorate near the end of the season and, if not carefully removed, spreads into other gardens in the spring. Use wet newspapers, cardboard, leaves, grass clippings or cut up rugs to control weeds.

 Cleanup of plots needs to be done by the end of growing season, usually by Nov 1. A sign will be posted stating the exact date. Each gardener is responsible for cleaning their plot by taking away all cages, fences, ropes and strings and cutting down all stalks to near-ground level.

 New gardeners interested in reserving plots should email or call Jim Glenney at 860-653-6179 or Marge Goslee at 860-653-2516. Make checks payable to Granby Community Gardens and mail them to James Glenney, 33 Glen Road, Granby, CT 06035-2516.