Wells Road Welcomes A New Flag

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Wells Road Intermediate School welcomes a new flag

By Grace Yoder and Kathy Waddington

Last spring, Grace Yoder, now a 5th grade student at Wells Road, spoke to her principal, Dr. Anna Forlenza-Bailey about making a school flag for Wells Road. Grace had been thinking about this idea during morning announcements and wondered, “Why does America have a flag and not Wells Road School?” Grace shared her plans to create a school flag with Dr. Bailey and the project was underway. So, with a little help from her mother and Mrs. Crosset, her sewing instructor, Grace designed a flag for Wells Road. The Wells Road flag was modeled after the American flag. Grace’s flag has stripes that represent grade-specific colors at Wells Road; yellow, red, green and blue. Using the traditional Granby colors of maroon and gold, Grace designed a house emblem that symbolizes the Wells Road Houses. Wells Road Houses are small groups of mixed grade students that meet on a monthly basis with the same teacher for the four years they attend Wells Road.  The emblem, positioned in the upper left corner of the flag, is especially significant to Grace because, “Wells Road is like a second home.”

The Wells Road flag now hangs in the hallway and each morning the flag is presented during morning broadcast when the student recite the Wells Road pledge. Dr. Bailey is very proud of the school flag and all that it represents for the school community. After this school year, Grace’s flag will hang alongside the American, Connecticut, and Granby flags in the school gym.