The Hive Is humming for Granbee…

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The Hive is humming: GranBee is set for March 13

By Mary Munsell

Although most of us are bundled up against old Man Winter, Mother Nature is planning on signs of spring as the Granby Education Foundation plans its twelfth annual trivia contest, the GranBee. A buzz of activity can be heard from GEF’s question committee as they hunt down topics both fantastic and germane that will be used to craft questions for GranBee teams. These teams of three will be challenged with such questions by returning emcee First Selectman Scott Kuhnly on the evening of March 13 at Granby Memorial High School’s auditorium.

In each of its previous years, the GranBee lured over 400 residents out of hibernation to attend this televised event. If you’re looking to be more than a spectator this year, consider entering your team into the competition. Registration forms can be found on the foundation’s website at and are due by March 6. Support of this event can also be made through sponsoring the event. As a team, sponsor or attendee you will be supporting innovative educational initiatives for people of all ages in Granby and throughout the region. Funds from the GranBee have helped the GEF to award grants to programs such as a fitness unit at Kearns School, weather station at the Salmon Brook Ecology Center, and a nutritional education program at Holcomb Farm. At the idea of supporting programs such as these, even the most sluggish of snowman would begin to thaw. So what are you waiting for, Mother Nature’s saving you a seat.