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Lost Acres Orchard, Lost Acres Road

Winter has arrived here at Lost Acres Orchard. Things slow down as the weather gets colder. Our new (seasonal) hours are Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday 12:30 to 5 p.m. (We are closed Monday through Thursday.) We will make fresh soups, breads, pies, and quiche each week and keep our freezer stocked with potpies, more soups, mac and cheese, cinnamon buns, and other goods. Watch for our Orchard News on Thursdays to let you know what’s cooking.  Also check the Lost Acres Orchard Facebook page and click on Orchard News.

Maple View Horse Farm, Salmon Brook Street

Winter has finally come on strong and we’ve been working hard to make sure all of our animals are safe and sound. Sure, there are fewer chores in the winter but, depending on the weather, it seems to take all day to get things done! We picked up more fresh pork so the freezer is stocked. And we’ll have new sausage and bacon by the time you read this. We won’t have more beef till early spring (thanks for buying so much of it—we’re trying to keep pace with you!) Even with all the cold, we have Summer Session on the brain: registration is open (visit, sign up before Feb. 7 and come to Barn Fun for free!

Sepe Farm, Broad Hill Road

These very cold nights have been great ones to have a Sepe Farm wool blanket. Available in two patterns and six different sizes, there is sure to be one for you. Order from our website,, and we’ll ship it out the next day so you can be warm and toasty too. Bonus: if you want to see how they are made, visit our Facebook page and look at “25 Days of Blankets” from December.

Don’t forget, you can order your full or half lamb right from the farm by calling 203-470-4084. You choose the cuts, and we’ll deliver right to you. A half lamb fits easily in your over-the-fridge freezer. Be sure to visit our website and Facebook page for delicious recipe and cooking ideas.

Lost Acres Vineyard, Lost Acres Road

Our good friends at Center Spirit Shoppe will be carrying three of your favorite wines for the winter so you can enjoy them all year round. Visit them to pick up Wedge White, Clemon Springs, and Rock Wall Red from now through the end of March. And add April 3 to your calendar—it’s our opening day for spring.

House of Hayes/Sweet Pea Cheese, East Street

The kids start arriving in early February, so stop in to meet them! Their arrival also means we’ll have fresh goat milk and yogurt ready for you in mid-February. “Like” our Facebook page and we will let you know as soon as we’re bottling. Thanks so much to everyone who brought Christmas trees for the goats to eat, they really enjoyed their gift!

O’Brien Nurserymen, Wells Road

Here at the O’Brien Nurserymen we are busy doing inventory and ordering new plants to entice you with once spring arrives. We look forward to seeing many of our friends and customers at the Connecticut Flower and Garden Show, Feb. 19 through 22. We are looking forward to warmer weather and hoping for an early spring!