Public Access TV Speaks Out

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Submitted by CT Valley Views

Public Access TV has long been the orphan child of cable television programming. However, recently great strides established by Cox Enfield, the Cox Advisory Council and producers of a number of PA programs have collaborated to raise more awareness to the diversity, professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit to the greater viewing public in Connecticut.

Senator Kissel, on his program “Senator Kissel and Friends” hosted guests: Peter Talbot, Cox Communications Statewide Public Access Manager; Alex Frasier, Chairman of the Cox Cable Advisory Council and Susan Regan, host and co-producer of CT Valley Views show series to provide background and current status of this long untapped market for informing, educating and entertaining the North Central Connecticut audiences.

If you have never seen a program, watch regularly or have an interest in getting involved in your local PA Access station production – you will enjoy this opportunity to get the inside story on Public Access TV.

Watch this informative program on Cox/Enfield Channel 15 and AT and T U-Verse Channel 99 Monday Nov. 3, Nov. 10, Nov. 17 at 9 p.m.