Healthy Foods Week

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Healthy Foods Week comes to Granby Public Schools

By John R. Nieb

Choosing healthy foods was a focus of Granby Public Schools during the week of Oct. 20-24.

Healthy Foods Week is a national campaign in which people across America celebrate, eat real food, and strive for better food policies in honor of National Food Day, which is Oct. 24.

The Wellness Committee, which consists of a group of teachers, parents, community members and students, sponsored the events for Healthy Foods Week. The Wellness Committee focuses on the wellness policy and programs in the Granby Public School District.

This is the first time that the Granby Public School system participated in Healthy Foods Week because this was the first year that they got really involved with the Wellness Committee.

“As a district, we are focusing on health and wellness and its connection to student readiness and success for school,” said Patricia Law, Director of Curriculum and Professional Development for Granby Public Schools.

“I am excited about promoting healthy choices for students and teachers,” Law said. “The healthy body helps feed a healthy mind.”

The Wellness Committee did most of the preparation for Healthy Foods Week by creating and printing healthy food snack cards, ordering and making healthy snacks, such as healthy corn snacks and apples.

Even though all five schools are participating in Healthy Foods Week, there weren’t any changes to each of the schools’ lunch menus.

On Oct. 20, the Wellness Committee kicked off Healthy Foods Week. On that day, the Wellness Committee offered healthy candy corn snacks to middle and high school students while they were at lunch. On Oct. 20, a chef came to the high school to promote healthy foods.

From Oct. 21-23, the students at F.M. Kearns Primary School read non-fiction books and worked on creating murals that were displayed on Oct. 24. The students at Wells Road and Kelly Lane Intermediate Schools charted each of their fruit and vegetable snacks. The middle school students learned facts about healthy foods during their daily news program.

From Oct. 20-23, the Wellness Committee held food drives at the high school.

On Oct. 21 and 23, the Wellness Committee distributed pamphlets for each of the clubs at the high school. On Oct. 22, the Wellness Committee presented a five-minute clip of the film, “Fed Up” for the high school students to view.

On Oct. 24, the Wellness Committee gave each student in the district an apple to celebrate Apple Crunch Day, which was a way to end the Healthy Foods Week celebration.

“This is only a one week program that we hope to continue next year,” Law said.


Danielle Sturgeon and Gene O. Desideraggio, both high school seniors distribute healthy candy corn snacks to middle and high schoolers. Photo by John R. Nieb