Granby Middle School Principal Update

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The public statement below from Granby Public Schools, brings to closure the matter pertaining to Dr. Mark Foley, the Granby Memorial Middle School Principal:

The Granby Board of Education has accepted the resignation of Dr. Mark Foley from his position as Principal of Granby Memorial Middle School.  Dr. Foley has served successfully as Middle School Principal since July 2013; however, Dr. Foley acknowledges the distraction caused by the recent publicity concerning his involvement in Moongoyle Entertainment LLC.  Dr. Foley’s activities through Moongoyle Entertainment were completely legal and Dr. Foley has been moving to terminate his involvement with the company in recent years.  Nonetheless, some members of the school community have expressed concern over the media attention directed at the movies produced by Moongoyle Entertainment LLC and Dr. Foley’s involvement in making those movies.  Dr. Foley acknowledges that the confidence in the principal by the school community is imperative for the success of the school and Dr. Foley does not want the issue of media coverage of Moongoyle Entertainment to distract parents, students or staff from the important work at the school.  Accordingly, Dr. Foley submitted his resignation of employment.  Dr. Addley concurs with Dr. Foley’s decision, and on behalf of the Granby Board of Education, he has accepted Dr. Foley’s resignation.