Fall Reminders

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Fall reminders from the Granby Building Department

As we transition into fall, the Building Department would like to offer the following suggestions to residents.

If you took out building permits for house projects this summer and completed them, please contact the Building Department to arrange for a final inspection. In some cases we find that, although contractors or residents have been diligent about progress inspections during a project, they neglect to have a final inspection to close out the project. This may create a problem when owners sell the house or refinance the mortgage.

With Fire Prevention Week behind us this is still a good time to test and check all the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in your home. If your detectors are more than ten years old, there is a good chance they may not function or sound as quickly as they should and may need replacement.

If you burn wood or use other alternative fuels, inspect your stove and chimney carefully. Stoves, flue pipes and chimney liners will eventually wear out and present serious risks. All wood stoves, pellet stoves and similar appliances require proper building permits and a final inspection. Be sure that your insurance company knows that you have these appliances in your home.

Make sure that your house number is clearly visible from the street to show emergency responders where to look for you. If you live on a rear lot or have a shared driveway, clearly show which driveway serves which house. In an emergency seconds can count, and you don’t want first responders to lose time locating you.

Inspect your roof and gutters prior to winter to make sure they will serve you well during bad weather. Make sure that downspouts will properly carry rain away from the foundation.

Check exterior stairs and steps to make sure they are safe and in good repair. One of the most frequent building code violations we see is the lack of a rounded or graspable handrail. Remember that guests or visitors may not be familiar with your stairs and entrances and could slip or fall.

Recently we have seen a number of severely worn or damaged electrical service entrance cables during inspections. If your entrance cable looks visibly worn or if you notice that your meter enclosure is rusted or deteriorate, have them inspected by an electrician. This can be a serious fire hazard and can damage the circuit breaker panel and internal wiring to the house as well as delicate electronic devices and appliances.

If you have any questions regarding any of these issues or any home repair or renovations, contact the Building Department at 860-844-5318.