NEAM Summertime Activities

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NEAM’s Summertime Activities

The New England Air Museum will hold family fun programs starting June 30. Soar into the adventure, stories, simulation and science of flight this summer. Visitors will have the chance to get up close and personal with the museum’s 80 display aircraft. A variety of activities will be offered each day such as build and fly challenge activities, flight science demonstrations and the chance to sit in the cockpit of an aircraft. The Flight Sim Spot, open each of these days between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., allows visitors to use state-of-the-art simulators with real cockpit controls. Additional activities are scheduled for the following weeks:

June 30 – July 6, Build and Race an Air Trolley: In small groups, design and build a trolley that will race down a nylon line. Two trolleys powered by rubber bands and propellers will race each other on two parallel tracks, the faster of the two trolleys will be the winner. The winner of each heat will compete against each other until there is one winner for each half-hour block.

July 7 – 13, Build and Race Balloon Rockets: Design a rocket balloon that will move faster than the other competing rocket balloons.

July 14 – 16, Zip-line Challenge: Given certain materials, design and build something that can carry a Ping-Pong ball the fastest from the top of a zip-line string to the bottom.

July 17 – 20, Straw Rocket Competition: Design a rocket built around a straw that will fly to a specified target using a compressed air launcher.

July 21 – 22, Imagine Our Future Beyond Earth LEGO Competition: NEAM will provide the LEGO bricks that entrants need to participate. Prizes will be awarded by the museum for the age groups: 3–5, 6–8, 9–12. Start your research today on the many missions NASA has planned to explore our universe beyond planet Earth and imagine the aircraft and vehicles that will be needed to accomplish these exciting goals. If you can imagine it, it is possible!

July 23 – 27, Parachute Drop: With a given weight, design a parachute that will take the longest to drop to the ground.

July 28 – 30, Rotochute: Given a specific drop zone, build a rotochute that will drop to the ground. The slowest wins. Teams compete against each other until a winner is determined for each half hour slot.

July 31 – Aug. 3, Egg Drop: Design, build, and test a contraption that will protect an egg from breaking when dropped from a height of 20 feet.

Aug. 4 – 8, Bottle Rockets: Build a rocket onto an inverted water bottle using materials provided. Given 60 psi of compressed air, design the rocket to launch as high as possible and carry a half-cup of water.

Aug. 9 – 10, Helicopter 2050 LEGO Challenge: Create a helicopter of 2050 that helps overcome today’s global challenges! NEAM will provide the LEGO bricks that entrants need to participate. Prizes will be awarded by the museum for the age groups: 3–5, 6–8, 9–12.

Aug. 11 – 13, Blimp Maze: Design and build a blimp using a helium balloon that will float at shoulder height. The blimp should be designed to be blown through a simple maze in the fastest time possible.

Aug. 14 – 17, Hot Air Balloon Race: Design and build a balloon that will lift with hot air and race it to the ceiling.

Aug. 18 – 22, Straw Gliders: Design a glider built around a straw that will glide the longest distance possible in a straight line.