File of Life

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“File of Life” available to Granby and Simsbury residents

By Andrea Boyle

When a medical condition requires emergency care, every minute counts. Will your family, caregivers, or first responders know where to locate details about your medications, pre-existing conditions, and physician contact information?

The Farmington Valley VNA is pleased to introduce a “File of Life” program to Granby and Simsbury residents. Supported by generous donations from the Granby Lions Club and the Simsbury Junior Woman’s Club, the “File of Life” is a comprehensive mini-medical history that is attached to the refrigerator with a magnet. The file contains data including medication and dosage information, medical conditions, known allergies, blood type, emergency contacts, and physician, hospital, and pharmacy preferences.

The assurance that personal and medical information is readily available can reduce and eliminate confusion in an emergency situation. In a true medical crisis, immediate access to detailed health data, including pre-existing and current conditions and medications, will allow first responders to promptly and efficiently issue life-saving treatments. Whether a person lives alone or relies on the assistance of caregivers, having a centralized location for all pertinent health information ensures that appropriate care will be given and proper parties will be notified, even if the patient is unable to communicate about their medical condition.

The “File of Life” will be available to Granby and Simsbury residents, and will be expanded to other local communities in the near future. The Farmington Valley VNA will coordinate distribution with area churches, civic groups, public safety personnel, and the social services departments in each community. Any resident interested in receiving a “File of Life” for personal use may contact Sandee Fleet, Community Liaison, at 860-651-3539.

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