Art Exhibit at O’Brien Nursery

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Sally Sargent Markey sketching at O’Brien Nursery. Photo by Dorothy Dumond

Local artists to exhibit at O’Brien Nursery by Dorothy Dumond

Members of the Granby Artists Association will be among those displaying their artwork on Saturday, June 28, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., in connection with the Nursery’s Open Garden Days 2014. Award-winning artists Sally Sargent Markey, Pam Jones, Rosemarie Mendes, Suzanne Roz Magoon, Sally Melrose, Carole Hartwell, John Walker and Dorothy Dumond will be exhibiting their paintings, a number of which were done on location at O’Brien’s last summer. Pictured here is artist Sally Sargent Markey working on site last year. In addition, you may find several of the artists painting or sketching on the grounds on the 28th, as they capture the beautiful views at this location. In case of rain, the exhibit will be postponed until Sunday.

To learn more about Open Garden Days 2014, visit the Garden Days page at More information about Granby Artists can be found at or call Dorothy Dumond at 860-653-3375.