VBCC Parking Lot Relocation Approved

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Valley Brook Community Church parking lot relocation approved
By Elaine Jones

On Jan. 28, the Planning and Zoning Commission approved a modification to a site plan for Valley Brook Community Church on Granville Road. The change involved a relocation of the parking lot from the rear to the front of the building. This would give greater access to the building via a walkway. The lot will still have 84 parking spaces. The move would require a silt fence and three catch basins with no changes to the drainage pattern. Engineer T.J. Barresi said the plan had approval from the State DOT with no concerns from the town engineer. He also said the parking lot would be surfaced in processed stone.

Three residents whose property is adjacent to the site did express concern about the direction of the drainage and the possibility that more water would flow onto their land and into a local stream. Lewis Garner said the water table increased dramatically in the spring with flood conditions.

Barresi said the catch basins were designed to eliminate runoff, would be workable to a 100-year storm, and would be maintained throughout the year.

Director of Community Development Fran Armentano reported that the Earth Excavation and Development Subcommittee had met, had reviewed regulation information from several towns, and had discussed building permits and excavation issues as well as financial considerations. The Plan of Conservation and Development Subcommittee has also met to review the town’s 10-year plan, last updated in April 2005. This task involves reviewing state statutes, the current plan, the town’s fundamental values document  and the plans of similar Connecticut towns. The goal is to present a 10-year vision that will define what makes Granby special.

All subcommittee meetings are open to the public, but public comments will be heard only at certain meetings to allow members optimal time for discussion.


Valley Brook Community church. Aerial photo courtesy of Ken Kuhl.


Valley Brook Community church. Winter photo courtesy of Clark Pfaff