Marquis of Granby Annual Awards Banquet

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Marquis of Granby celebrates 44th season with annual awards banquet
By Lori Catlin Garcia

Members of the Marquis of Granby Jr. Ancient Fyfe and Drum Corps gathered on January 25 in Cook Hall at the First Congregational Church to celebrate their forty-fourth season. The corps opened the evening by playing a short concert to a crowd of over 115 attendees, including four past directors. After a delicious dinner, Director Audrey Lampert began the program with a video highlighting some of the more memorable moments of the past year, including the summer trip to Quebec.

Awards and promotions followed that began with the appointment of newly elected Junior Board Members for the upcoming year: Ivy Nguyen, Casey Lampert, Davis LaPointe and Michael Spence.

The Marquis then recognized members who made significant progress in 2013: most improved marching – Lizzie Cappelli and Adam Florian; most improved beginner fifers, Lizzie Cappelli and Evelyn Brook; most improved playing line fifer, Rebecca McCord; most improved snare drummer  Dawson Levine; most improved bass drummer, Mike Spence.

Rank promotions were awarded as follows: marching recruit: Sam Askew, Evelyn Brooke, Lizzy Cappelli, Adam Florian, Max Hollister, Patrick Leydon, Shannon Leydon, Spencer Malley, Spencer Bolton and Bryce Tomasino; private (flag line): Andrew Durman, Keith Seger, Adam Florian and Shannon Leydon; private (playing line): Brittany Janzer and J.C. LaPointe; corporal: Rebecca Kaczmarek, Rebecca McCord, Helen Newman, Dawson Levine and Sophia Jahn; sergeant: Rebecca Kaczmarek, Chatman Elliott and Noah Greer; sergeant major: Jonathan Gibson, Jonah Garcia, Mike Spence and Elizabeth Alonzo.

In 2013 the Marquis performed at over 20 venues and the corps recognized members with exemplary attendance rate. Corps members with perfect attendance were: Clayton Lampert (fifth year of perfect attendance), Davis LaPointe and Rebecca McCord. Members with an attendance rate of above 90 percent were also acknowledged: Noah Greer, Jonah Garcia, Rebecca Kaczmarek, Casey Lampert, Ivy Nguyen and Juliana Puskar. Corps members with extraordinary attendance records receive their choice of a credit to their travel account, or a scholarship to fife and drum camp.

For the third time, the Jacky Award was given to honor the memory of Jacky Welsh, a Marquis member from East Granby who died in August of 2011. This award is voted on by the corps members and given to the person or persons who best exemplify the words used to describe Jacky such as: smart, witty, engaged, mature, confident, passionate, dedicated, quiet, respectful, considerate, caring and brave. This year’s recipient was Elizabeth Alonzo.

The recipient of the Knight of Knipton award is also chosen by corps member vote, and is given to the new member who best exemplifies the corps values of a great attitude, overall contributions and willingness to act as an “Ambassador of the Corps.” The 2013 recipient was Sam Askew.

Several members reached important service milestones with the corps. Sophia Jahn and Juliana Puskar each received a pewter mug for five years of service, and Jonah Garcia, Jonathan Gibson, Casey Lampert, Clayton Lampert and Ivy Nguyen received pewter plates to commemorate seven years with the Corps.

The Marquis Director’s Award went to Clayton Lampert. At the time he left for college, Clayton had performed at 158 events, and he led the corps with five seasons with perfect attendance.  His many accomplishments as a Major with corps were also noted, as well as his work “behind the scenes.” Clayton continues to performs with the corps when he is home from his college studies.

It was announced that the 2013 Peacock Award would be given to the American Legion in a separate ceremony.

The evening concluded with comments to recognize the many decades that the Marquis has been part of the Granby community, and the many individuals who have been part of its traditions.

Membership in the Marquis of Granby Ancient Fyfe and Drum Corps is open to youth ages 9-21 from Granby and the surrounding towns. Prospective members are always welcome to attend a practice at the First Congregational Church on Wednesday evenings. –In the fall of 2014, the Corps will host a muster to commemorate their 45th Anniversary. For more information, visit


Marquis of Granby. Elizabeth Alonzo receives the Jacky Award from Major Ivy Nguyen.


Marquis Recruits: Ten Marquis members were promoted to the rank of Marching Recruit in 2013.