From the Granby PD

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As clocks move forward and weather gets increasingly warmer, the Granby Police Department extends a kindly reminder to drivers of increased vehicular activity on roads. From motorcycles and student drivers, recreational vehicles and bicycles, as vehicular volume increases, so too does the risk of increased motor vehicle accidents.

Motorcycles are everywhere, and you will see them more as we move toward warmer weather. Sand on the road, grass clippings and debris are all a hazard for a motorcyclist. Looking twice for a motorcycle may save a life.

Spring brings proms, graduations, and new drivers on the road! The patience of seasoned drivers goes a long way as new drivers maneuver their newfound freedom and responsibility of sharing the road. Campers and other recreation vehicle volume increases, as well. The driver of an oversized recreational vehicle may have years of experience, or it could be his or her first time behind the wheel.

All vehicles, whether two-wheel, three-wheel or four-wheel, have a duty to obey the rules of the road, share the road and be on the look-out for each other. Let’s travel safely together.

The Granby Police Department will be organizing a food drive for our local food bank. “Hop Into Spring” will be forthcoming. Be on the lookout at a local supermarket for Granby Police staff collecting food and essential items. Stay tuned for details!