THANK YOU! To Drummer readers, advertisers and volunteers

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We did it! With heartfelt thanks to you, our generous readers, and our stalwart advertisers, the Drummer finished 2023 in the black. We can’t begin to tell you how grateful we are to each of you.

We’re also immensely appreciative of our volunteers. We thank you for giving selflessly of your time and expertise to help publish the Drummer each month. We truly couldn’t do it without you.

Looking forward to 2024, we’re thrilled to start this year with Puzzle Slam, a fun February fundraiser for all ages where teams will compete to finish a 500-piece puzzle in the fastest time.

Additionally, we’ll aim to continue improving our financial health, especially in a nation where two local newspapers go out of business each week. That said, we want to give one final shout-out to the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving and to the Granby Community Fund that helped us cover printing and publishing costs this past fall.

Again, thank you all so much for helping us fulfill our mission to inform and educate our Granby neighbors in the year ahead.

The Board of Citizens for a Better Granby, publisher of the Granby Drummer