Antsy to dig dirt

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Dear Friendly Farmer,

I know it’s only February and it’s still dark and cold, but I’m antsy to get started on my garden. What can I do?


Dreaming of Digging

Dear Digging,

Have no fear! There’s plenty to do. The farmer’s best tool is a good plan! And now’s the time to make it. Start by taking a look through one of the seed catalogs you likely got in the mail (didn’t get one? Hop on or to get inspiration).

The friendly farmer likes to plan her garden around what she and her family like to eat, so make a list of your dream crops. Now narrow it down to what is likely to thrive in your garden: what space you have and how much time you can dedicate to planting, cultivating and harvesting?

Don’t have tons of space? Cross corn and pumpkins off the list. Don’t get a lot of sun? Then tomatoes might not work. Next research planting and harvest times to see what you can fit. Draw out a plot plan so you don’t have to think it through when it’s time to put your hands in the dirt.

It might be a little early to start tomatoes right now, but if you plan to grow onions from seed, now’s the time to get planting. Gather your tools, clean up your grow space and get ready to plant!


The Friendly Farmer