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September 26, 2023

Present: Eric Lukingbeal, Brennan Sheahan, Eric Myers, Jonathan Boardman, Christine Chinni, and alternates Paula Johnson and Robert Lavitt. Director of Community Development Abigail Kenyon and Land Use Coordinator Renee Deltenre.

Absent: Matthew Peters and Mark Lockwood

Seating of alternates: Johnson was seated for Peters and Lavitt was seated for Lockwood.

Public Session

Kate Bogli, 198R Salmon Brook Street, spoke in support of roosters and stated that they should be allowed in all residential zones to support agriculture.

Application seeking a Special Permit for the construction of pickleball courts, horseshoe pit, and associated site improvements for property located at 1 Broad Hill Road, R2A Zone: File Z-17-23.

Applicant Eric Jackson of 7 Farmview Circle and member of the Granby Tennis Club said the Granby Tennis Club currently has three clay tennis courts, a clubhouse and a practice court, and they are looking to remove the existing asphalt practice court in order to install two dedicated pickleball courts. The proposed location is relatively flat and roughly 60’ x 60’ in dimension. There would be no exterior lighting and hours of operation would be 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The closest residence is roughly 360 feet away and the existing backboard for the practice court will be saved in case noise becomes an issue. In addition, the applicant proposes the construction of two additional gravel parking areas; one 16’ x 50’ area near the pickleball courts and another 25’ x 42’ area near the clubhouse, along with a horseshoe pit.

Public Comment

Kathleen Bromage, 15 Simsbury Road, expressed concerns with noise, further expansion of the courts, enforcement of the hours of operation and potential impacts to the quality of life for surrounding residents. She stated no concerns regarding the proposed horseshoe pit or expanded parking area.

Michael Ware, 45 Hungary Road, recommended the use of noise-reducing paddles.

In response, Jackson stated that the hours of operation can be altered and noise reducing measures could be implemented if noise becomes an issue. There is no room for further expansion in the future due to ledge, topography and the watercourse. The commission discussed potential requirements for noise suppression and recommended leaving the public hearing open so that the applicant can hold a practice game for the commission and public to attend. A special meeting for a site visit will be scheduled and the agenda will be posted on the town website. [See October 3 notes, below.]

Commission Discussion: Possible changes to Zoning Regulations regarding non-conforming buildings and uses; day cares; EV charging stations; recreational vehicles; and roosters.

Kenyon outlined potential zoning regulation amendments necessary to comply with legislation that has recently been passed. In addition, staff also thought this would be a good opportunity to propose changes to other sections to clarify and address several issues that have come up recently.

Modifications are necessary regarding day cares in accordance with Public Act 23-142.The language pertaining to non-conforming buildings and uses does not currently comply with Connecticut State Statute Chapter 124 Section 8-2d. Public Act 22-25 requires that any new commercial or multi-family residential building with 30 or more parking spaces install level two or direct current fast-charging stations for electric vehicles in at least 10 percent of its parking spaces.

Other discussion focused on parking and/or storage of recreational vehicles, and recommended that language be added stating that no RV shall be occupied or used for living, sleeping or other purposes. In regard to current regulations pertaining to roosters, the commission determined that no changes were necessary.

October 3, 2023

Present: Mark Lockwood, Eric Lukingbeal, Brennan Sheahan, Jonathan Boardman, Christine Chinni, and alternates Paula Johnson and Robert Lavitt, Director of Community Development Abigail Kenyon

Absent: Matthew Peters and Eric Myers.

This meeting took place at the Granby Tennis Club, 1 Broad Hill Road.

Eric Jackson, represented the Granby Tennis Club in an application seeking a special permit under zoning regulations Section for the construction of pickleball courts, horseshoe pit, and associated site improvements for property located at 1 Broad Hill Road, R2A Zone: File Z-17-23, showed commissioners the location of the proposed horseshoe pit, parking area, and pickleball courts. Four members of the club then played pickleball while the commissioners observed.