Fall social offered a grand old time

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Granby’s own Red Hat ladies shared in the fun at the senior fall social.

Rainy skies did nothing to dampen the spirits of more than 125 Granby seniors and special guests gathered at the North Pavilion Barn at Holcomb Farm on Oct. 6 for a senior fall social.

The event marked the second time that the men’s and women’s breakfast committees teamed with the senior center to co-host an event designed to bring Granby seniors together for food and fun.

A choice of steaming chicken noodle or vegetable soup and a ham, turkey, or roast beef sandwich, along with potato chips, an apple and cookie, provided the perfect lunch for the exuberant crowd, eager to chat with old and new friends.

“Happy Birthday to You” rang out to celebrate Jean Levan’s birthday followed by musical entertainment courtesy of Skip Mission, Nick Faraco and retired senior center program director Lori Blackburn. Blackburn’s We’ll Sing in the Sunshine prompted the crowd to join in, belting out, “We’ll laugh every day” with gusto.

The upbeat celebration brought sunshine into lives and hearts on a chilly, gray fall day.

On Oct. 6, more than 125 seniors and special guests gathered for a fall social. Jennifer Jalbert, left, of the Granby Women’s Breakfast Committee and Jennifer Kielbasa, program coordinator at the Granby Senior Center, were among those serving up soup and sandwiches. Photos by Nicole Muller