Fall Fire Safety

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On Nov. 5, daylight savings time will end, and we will set our clocks back one hour. During this time of year, it is a good reminder to replace the batteries in our smoke alarms—Change Your Clock / Change Your Batteries. It is also a good time to check the age of your smoke alarms. The life expectancy of smoke alarms is 10 years. If you are unsure as to the age of your smoke alarms, it would be a good idea to replace the units.

Smoke alarms should be located in every bedroom, in the hall outside of the sleeping areas and on every level of the home. The Granby Fire Marshal’s Office offers free inspection of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms for one- and two-family homes in our town. There is no cost or obligation involved. Help us keep you and your family safe. If you have any questions on smoke detectors and their placement, please call the Fire Marshal’s office at 860-844-5321 or email firemarshal@granby-ct.gov

Fall is also a good time to prepare for the winter season.

Chimneys: Have your chimneys inspected and cleaned.

Propane: Never store LP gas grill propane tanks inside your home or garage.

Turkey Fryers: Do not use turkey fryers on decks or close to buildings or vehicles.

Avoid Overload: Check for overloaded extension cords—usage should not exceed the recommended wattage. Never use space heaters with extension cords.

Give Your Space Heater Some Space: All space heaters should be placed at least three feet from beds, curtains or anything flammable.

Home Address Numbers: Be sure your house can be found by emergency teams by ensuring your house address numbers can easily be seen from the street.

Plan Your Escape: Practice a fire escape plan with your family. Identify two exits from every room, create a Meeting Place and instruct children on what to do in an emergency.