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September 11, 2023

Present: Marty Schwager, Matt Brady, Jim Caldwell, Ken Kuhl, Anna Sogliuzzo. Also, Director of Community Development Abby Kenyon.

Granby Center Update

In an update on the Granby Center Department of Transportation project, line striping and pavement markings will be completed soon, trees are being installed in some locations, adjustments will be made to signal locations, sidewalks will be finished in the project area and driveway aprons will be completed this fall. All crosswalks have been installed except for the crosswalk across the Stony Hill Village/Small World Daycare parking lot because that driveway had not been completed yet. Kenyon reported there will be a “Do Not Block Intersection” sign installed near Hungary Road.

The Granby Center Advisory Committee will be meeting at the end of the month. The commission discussed the study and process and agreed a consultant may be beneficial to provide an outside perspective.

Land Use Applications/Update

The planning and zoning commission adopted an amendment to the zoning regulations to allow cannabis establishments by Special Permit in the industrial zone. Kenyon stated the regulation went into effect Sept. 1 and there were very few changes from what the development commission originally proposed. Kenyon stated she has received some inquiries regarding cannabis establishments, but the properties in question are not located in the Industrial Zone so the use would not be allowed.

Kenyon noted the owner of the old Masonic Hall located on East Granby Road obtained a variance from the zoning board of appeals to reduce the number of required parking spaces. The planning and zoning commission then approved a site plan for parking adjacent to the building, along the driveway that provides access to the restaurant’s rear parking area. The building will be used for an office.