Five Granby police officers honored

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From left, Chief Rosensweig, Sergeant Joseph, Officer Abalan, Officer Walzak, Officer Tanucci, Captain LaFlamme. Submitted photo

On Sept. 6, five Granby Police Officers were honored during an award ceremony at the police department.

The Life Saving Award is granted to any sworn or civilian member for saving a human life involving exceptional courage or performance.

Sergeant Mikan and Sergeant Joseph—Life Saving Award

On June 30, 2022, a motor vehicle accident occurred at the intersection of East Granby Road and Salmon Brook Street. The vehicle rolled over and came to a final rest on its roof on the town green. The single occupant of the vehicle was held into place by her seatbelt, upside down. Sergeant Joseph arrived and after checking on the occupant, she was found to be unconscious and did not have a pulse. Joseph, realizing that her seatbelt was cutting off her airway, cut her seatbelt. Joseph, along with Sergeant Mikan, pulled the occupant out of the vehicle and started patient care. A pulse was then found. The patient slowly became verbally responsive and was later transported to the hospital. Joseph and Mikan’s quick response and recognition of the patient’s condition was critical in saving her life.

Sergeant Mikan and Officer Tanucci—Life Saving Award

On January 25, 2023, a report was received from a medical care facility for a patient who was neither responsive nor breathing. When Sergeant Mikan and Officer Tanucci arrived, they assessed the patient who was pulseless. Mikan gave ventilations while Tanucci started chest compressions, which they continued until the Granby Ambulance staff arrived and took over patient care. The patient regained a pulse and started minimal breathing when transported to the hospital. Mikan and Tanucci’s actions helped the patient survive the incident, and the patient was given a few more weeks of life before passing away.

Officer Abalan and Officer Walzak— Life Saving Award

On June 17, 2022, a medical assist request was received for a person who had possibly overdosed. On arrival, Officer Walzak asked the proper questions, looked for indications of drug use and administered Narcan to the patient. When the ambulance staff and Officer Abalan arrived, Walzak gave a run down on the patient care he had provided, and the information he had at the time. Walzak continued with patient care which included rescue breathing. Abalan assisted the ambulance staff and Walzak. Both Walzak and Abalan were calm and treated the patient with care and compassion.

The Police Merit Award is granted to a member of the department based upon performance of intelligent and valuable police service that demonstrates a special faithfulness or devotion to duty.

Sergeant Joseph—Police Merit Award

During this past year the Granby Police Department has upgraded its Records Management System. This long and complex project required configuring numerous working elements ensuring each complex step moved the project closer to completion. Sergeant Joseph’s involvement was instrumental. He worked relentlessly with vendors and administrators, looking at budgetary concerns as well as the quality of equipment. He met deadlines, worked additional hours, and often worked out problems on his own time by phone or stopping by the department to resolve an issue. Joseph’s dedication is evident. He has shown a truly vested interest in the department.