The world’s largest alarm clock

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Elsa, submitted photo.

Lots of people have some type of reminders that keep them on track and on schedule during their days and nights. Old school types may still have written pocket calendars, alarm clocks or sticky notes to assist them in keeping their schedules. Millennials and the coming generation have Apple watches, smart phones or iCloud connections of some sort to ensure that they are alive and well, and in sync with the daily mileposts.

Social media interface insures they are “properly trending.” I admit that I use an electronic calendar these days, but I haven’t obtained the sophistication level of a smart watch yet. However, I do have the benefit of another type of service which I find to be beneficial.

A little less than three years ago, my wife and I purchased a rather unusual alarm device that we found at a local shop. At the time, we didn’t know its hidden talents, and it didn’t seem too large to fit into our lives. Since the day we brought it home, we have taken good care of it, kept it clean and in good working order, and have come to set our watches by it, as it has consistently notified us of key daily events and schedules.

We usually take it with us when we travel as it is a reliable companion and it keeps us focused. It needs no batteries, we don’t have to set it, and for the most part, we love having it in our lives.

Without prompting, our alarm device alerts us to these critical daily needs and activities:

6:30 a.m.: Wake up call, with built in snooze reminders of gentle tapping.

7:30 a.m.: Inspect the neighborhood, retrieve newspaper from mailbox, check for overnight animal activity.

8 a.m.: Nourishment time, light refreshment only.

9:30 a.m.: Rest period, wherever is comfortable.

1 p.m.: Exercise period. Strenuous walking, hiking and making noise.

3:30 p.m.: Time for the first major meal of the day after returning from exercise.

5 p.m.: Active play period with family members, even with reluctant adults.

6 p.m.: Rest while others take nourishment and watch television news programs.

8 p.m.: Conduct another neighborhood watch, alerting neighbors that all is secure for the evening.

10 p.m.: Time for overnight rest period.

We named our large alarm device Elsa. She came to our family a little less than three years ago, and she is now a beautiful 75-pound German shepherd. Most of the neighbors know her and greet her with a smile, even though I am sure her evening and early morning neighborhood watch duties have awakened a few. We seem to have a great bunch of neighbors.

If you are a dog owner, or have been one, you’ll understand that Elsa’s routine quickly became ours, and her daily schedule is lovingly predictable and frustrating at the same time. She has developed a knack for wanting to play when we are tired, or wanting to canvass the area outside when we are in the middle of a card game or watching a good movie. Nevertheless, any frustrations we experience on a given day are far outweighed by Elsa’s big brown eyes, her loyal nature, and the love that she shares with our family. She is really good at what she does.

If you need a good alarm clock, let us know and we can have Elsa escort you through her day. She’ll keep you in line, and you’ll love it. I kid you not. Elsa is the best alarm clock a family could ask for.