Let Kindness Ripple

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I am delighted to introduce the overarching theme for Granby Public Schools’ year ahead: Let Kindness Ripple. The theme resonates with the essence of “community” and the values we hold dear. It is not just a cute slogan. In fact, research has demonstrated the transformative impact acts of kindness have on mental health, wellness and overall engagement. 

The ripple effect of kindness extends beyond individuals. It can positively influence the overall climate of our schools and our school community. It can prepare students to learn and achieve. 

Numerous studies have explored the relationship between acts of kindness and well-being. The evidence is clear: being kind to others not only benefits the recipient but it also promotes positive emotions and reduced stress in the giver. Research conducted by the American Psychiatric Association concluded that engaging in simple acts of kindness triggers the release of serotonin and oxytocin (the “feel-good” hormones). This leads to an increased sense of happiness and overall well-being. 

Granby Public Schools is committed to fostering an environment where kindness thrives, starting with the way we communicate and interact with one another. When we communicate with kindness, we approach conversations with an open mind; we seek to understand different perspectives; and we value diverse viewpoints. We are mindful as we listen to understand rather than listen to respond. By doing so we create a space where productive discussions take place. We learn from one another and we seek positive resolutions to challenges. 

As part of our commitment to communication, Granby Public Schools is developing a comprehensive communications plan. This plan aims to engage all relevant partners and groups, including students, parents, teachers and staff, community members, local businesses and organizations. We invite everyone to actively participate in upcoming open forums and online surveys to help us shape the future of our schools as we promote a culture of kindness and inclusivity. 

In addition to improving communication and partnering with families, we will cultivate student curiosity and learning. Granby Public Schools will support our students to reach their highest academic potential. Student achievement will be center stage as we foster an inclusive, nurturing and academically rich environment where students thrive and flourish.  

I encourage all members of our school community to embrace the Let Kindness Ripple theme. Let us be the catalysts for positive change, making a difference through acts of kindness both big and small. Together, we can create a brighter, more compassionate future for ourselves, our children, our community and beyond. 

Administrators at the administration council meeting on Aug. 16. Bottom row from left, Heather Tanis, Colleen Bava, Cheri Burke, Pauline Greer, Mike Dunn. Top row from left, Angela Ehrenwerth, Peter Bogen, Jennifer Parsons, Jon Lambert, Kim Calcasola, Julie Groene, Anna Robbins. Submitted photos

For more information and to get involved in our communication plan and other initiatives, please visit the Granby Public Schools website at granbyschools.org 

Here’s to a year filled with kindness, learning and shared achievement.