Granby residential composting program

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Composting can be quick, easy, and it’s earth friendly

If you get the automated Spotlight emails from Granby Town Hall you will have seen the information about a composting service called Blue Earth.

The Granby Conservation Commission has worked with Blue Earth to add Granby residents to its residential composting program. Residents voluntarily register for the program on the Blue Earth website at:, click on “sign up.” Blue Earth requires a minimum of 50 households to sign up for weekly and/or bi-weekly service prior to launching service in Granby.

Here is how the program would work

Blue Earth drops off a composting starter pack that includes a 4-gallon pail lined with a compostable bag, and a welcome card with instructions at your home.

The residential customer fills the pail with food scraps: meat and bones, eggs and dairy, breads and cereals, shellfish and seafood, fruits and vegetables, coffee grounds, filters and tea bags, food soiled paper, plants and herbs, incidental oils and fats.

The residential customer leaves the pail out for collection on pick-up day and Blue Earth takes care of the rest.

There are many options and price points as to how much and how often a resident would like pick up service.

Composting removes about 40 percent of solid waste from the total amount of solid waste picked up. Granby residents won’t see a decrease in the form of reduced taxes in the near future but there will be a reduction in the waste stream and thereby a reduction in waste transported across state lines.

Whether a resident chooses to compost at home or compost using a service, they are helping to remove waste from the total waste stream. This will have positive effects in many ways. If you have any questions, contact Melinda Gould, Conservation Commission Vice-Chair, at